Mobile Gambling Sector

The technology is evolving minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day. For this particular reason, the online gambling industry is trying to keep up with recent innovations and is now focused on gambling opportunities for mobile phones, an early yet highly promising sector, and by promising we mean profitable, of course. According to a report carried out by consultants at Alexander Resources–Mobile Gambling: Casinos, Lotteries & Betting, the continued growth of the mobile gambling market is attributed to the further advancement and availability of 2.5 G, 3 G and recently 4 G technologies.

In 2008, the market grew to an outstanding 16 billion dollar share and in 2011 casino-style betting will reach 9 million dollars, without taking other types of gambling and betting into consideration. Spending on mobile lottery and betting on mobile sports will reach around $5 billion by 2011. As you can see, the stakes are very high and, by the way, many businesses are trying to get a bigger piece of action, a very profitable action. For these reasons, important domain players are currently developing new and attractive mobile strategies that are ready in the near future to capitalize on such a lucrative growth area. They think of strategic partnerships between casino companies and mobile phone networks, advertisements, anything that can attract more and more mobile gamblers willing to place wagers.

The possibility of expansion is greater than we think as Playtech–a major software company introduced Live Gaming which is a concept that brings together the exciting online casino experience yet another step closer to the real thing with the help of a real dealer to the play environment. How the system works is by using state-of – the-art video streaming technologies that allow players to actually watch the dealer perform regular actions such as throwing the dice, spinning the roulette, or simply handling the cards in real time. The players can actually speak to the dealer with the aid of a chat facility to create even more of a real feeling. With the help of a smartphone, this amazing imitation of real-life land-based casinos will give the player another taste of online gaming authenticity. The dealer is in view all the time, providing additional confidence in the game to gamblers.

In many European countries, everyone can use their mobile phone to buy lottery tickets online and they can also place sports bets, but the most important development is in Asia, where it is expected to reach an impressive $6.7 billion by next year. The spotlight, of course, shines on security issues when considering technical issues. A regular process involves dialing in and entering a bet to confirm details with an email response. In the vast majority of cases, any winnings or losses are processed by the end user through an account setup that requires authentication before any changes are made. Content monitoring and filtering allows operators to monitor suspicious activity.

All things considered, this is just the start of the rise in mobile gambling, and it can have a huge impact all over the world, a world that is selling more and more mobile phones connected to the Internet 24/7.