Gambling – Insights

What did the Gambling Act do?

The biggest revolution that the new Gambling Act introduced in 2017 was the Gambling Domain Register. Any website of a bookmaker and/or online casino offering illegal participation in the game to clients from Poland will be included in the register. Then, within 48 hours of the entry, each Internet provider in the country is obliged to block its customers from accessing the forbidden website.

The same procedure resulted in many foreign operators withdrawing from Poland voluntarily (players from Poland were no longer allowed to play the game) or the road to them was closed. In this way, players who used their services primarily had to permanently move to Polish bookmakers with a license.

The Bookmaker Act also increased the betting tax. The rate of each coupon is subject to 12% tax deducted from the stake, which is credited to the State Treasury (the exception is a special offer of the game without tax, but this does not change the fact that the money goes to the budget – not from your pocket, but from the bookmaker’s account).

New bookmakers in Poland

Since foreign bookmakers withdrew from Poland, many (even dozen or so) willing to open legal bookmakers’ websites have reported to the Ministry of Finance, in accordance with the regulations. Rumours (and official information) stated that among them there were also popular operators from Europe, e.g. bet365 and William Hill.

A year has passed. Superbet appeared on the Polish market, although only as a ground bookmaker. Not much? Compared to how many applications went to the ministry, it is not much. Will the pace of receiving one bookmaker a year by the players be maintained? There are many indications that something should be moving in the subject matter. New brands have already been confirmed, e.g. Totalbet and eWinner, which should start in 2018.